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One World: Impact Handbook

How can we measure the impact of film screenings / documentary films that promote human rights and a tolerant society? Is there something like a long-term impact? Based on research and data collection in the capital and in the regions of Czech Republic, the festival One World will explore its impact on the audience. After a research period (including quantitative and qualitative data), a handbook will be put together, so that other festivals, regional partners, CSOs that screen documentaries for educational purposes and others can benefit of the collected information. The festival One World is one of the most successful film festivals in Central and Eastern Europe. The festival has a great program and it reaches the biggest audience among all other festivals. All partner festivals can benefit from the great experience of One World in having a strong impact (by screenings in schools, online screenings, regional festivals etc.) and by effective promotion towards its target groups.

One World: Impact workshop for partner organisations (One World), Prague , CZ

In addition to data based research activities and to drafting an impact handbook, One World will organize a workshop for partner organisations representatives to better plan the impact of their programming, promotion and activities for their next festival editions.

Program of Festivals Meet Festivals 2018 – One World, Prague 
Festivals Meet Festivals – Summary – One World, Prague

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