Noosfera Foundation (CinéDOC-Tbilisi) Explore Impact Website

A website of the project will be designed and regularly updated (by the Noosfera Foundation). The website will contain all necessary information on impact (keys to successful campaigns, handbook on impact for PDF download, podcasts with master classes and presentations, information on film screenings, festivals and debates, useful information for other CSOs and grass-roots initiatives).

Noosfera Foundation (CinéDOC-Tbilisi) CivilPitch with NGOs and grass-roots initiatives from Georgia’s regions (CinéDOC-Tbilisi), Tbilisi, GE

Projects promoting human rights and democratic values and implemented by grass-roots initiatives should be able to find their way to a wide audience. This is why the Noosfera Foundation will organize a pitching and project presentation initiative for civil society organizations and human rights activists from the regions of Georgia. For the “Explore Impact” project, regional NGO representatives and human rights activists will be invited to the capital city, where they will publicly present their initiatives. Donors, media professionals and filmmakers from the capital city will be invited to attend the project presentations and pick up at least one project, in order to enhance its impact on a wide audience. The selected participants will be trained in project presentation skills and will be involved in the human rights film screening program of the festival. All projects that are implemented in partnership with journalists and filmmakers will be later published on the “EXPLORE IMPACT” website and screened at the documentary film festival in Tbilisi and in the regions.

2018 year trainings for regional trainers -Caucasian house